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25   Satta king | Sattaking | Satta result | Satta king online | Satta king result | Satta king live XX  

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63   Satta king | Sattaking | Satta result | Satta king online | Satta king result | Satta king live 79  

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23   Satta king | Sattaking | Satta result | Satta king online | Satta king result | Satta king live 50  


41   Satta king | Sattaking | Satta result | Satta king online | Satta king result | Satta king live 54  


73   Satta king | Sattaking | Satta result | Satta king online | Satta king result | Satta king live 64  


88   Satta king | Sattaking | Satta result | Satta king online | Satta king result | Satta king live 74  

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Satta King October 2021 Chart

Date Dishawar Gali Ghaziabad Faridabad Taj Pesawar Shri Ganesh
2021-10-17 75 XX 50 79 54 64 74
2021-10-16 94 25 23 63 41 73 88
2021-10-15 70 48 81 23 72 05 26
2021-10-14 21 97 24 88 51 26 27
2021-10-13 50 33 32 96 89 57 47
2021-10-12 86 15 03 52 18 04 65
2021-10-11 53 XX 22 99 65 41 46
2021-10-10 80 22 68 33 89 14 83
2021-10-09 62 27 58 73 57 67 44
2021-10-08 98 60 82 57 77 57 08
2021-10-07 94 93 17 26 87 57 26
2021-10-06 17 21 18 00 28 69 08
2021-10-05 21 87 36 73 29 81 22
2021-10-04 80 99 62 95 06 04 08
2021-10-03 41 17 37 76 81 44 30
2021-10-02 14 08 09 22 XX XX XX
2021-10-01 XX 33 70 25 67 02 44

What is the reason behind the growing popularity of Satta King?

Satta King gAre you fed up with your boring life? Do you crave some enthusiasm in your life? If you are finding these problems as your own then read the article. In this article, we are going to give you some ideas regarding the famous game Satta King. Yes, we are talking about the gambling game. The game has earned its popularity due to the support of many people. Have you ever thought about why this game became famous? There are so many games available then why do people only talk about this game? It is because of the following reasons. Follow the article and then you will get all your answers which you were looking for.

Satta King Results ?

As we all know, the game is highly popular. Several games have come and gone but no one sets their benchmark with that of SattaKing. No games have beat the popularity of the game. If you are eager to know the growing popularity of the game, here are the following explanations. Read it and increase your knowledge.

●   It is one of the oldest games. The game came into existence at the beginning of the 19th century. Since then everyone has played. Slowly, the game has reached the hearts of many people. Another reason for the popularity of the game is that Bollywood has taken the concept of this game. Prem Nath has depicted the personality of Ratan Khatri. The movie showed the life of Khatri and portrayed it beautifully. Other than that, it also showed the game. Ratan Khatri had produced the movie. As Bollywood movies are watched by Indians, so the game was at its peak during the 1980s and 1990s.

●   There are four types of games of Satta King. Those are Satta King Gali, Satta King Faridabad, Satta King desawar, Satta King Ghaziabad. All the games are related to money and are a little bit different from others. Different people like to play different games. This way the game has reached the hearts of many people.

●   Have you heard of the winning money of Satta King? It is eighty to ninety times more than the money you have invested at the beginning. It means that if you have submitted one thousand rupees to play the game and then you win the game, then you will get eighty to ninety times of your initial money. Isn't it wow? You can gain so much money in just a few hours.

●   Another reason for the popularity of Satta King is that the game is not only played in India but also in the Indian subcontinent. Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh are also well aware of the game. The game is also famous in these countries.

●   The best reason for becoming popular in the game is that there is no requirement for any instruments. You only need a device to play the game. The company will ask you for your bank details. If you win the game, the money will be directly transferred to your account. You can count that money. What Are The Justification For The Popularity Of Satta King

●   Satta king can be played in two different modes. The rules and regulations are the same in both modes like online as well as offline. Nowadays, people like to play online because you can play it by sitting at your home. But the offline game is also still popular. The street children in the 19th century have started the game just using a Matka and some stones. They didn't realize that this game will be popular one day. Slowly the upper-class people noticed the game.

●   They realized that it is not an ordinary game. The concept is good and it is one of the chances by which one can earn money as well as fame. This way, the company invested its money. The company gets double the amount in return. Slowly the game spread in different parts of the country.

Why do people love to play Satta King?

People love to play Satta King because it brings refreshments. Next, the player can win a certain amount of money. The best part is that the money will be transferred immediately as soon as you are declared the winner. Naturally, people would like to play the game. Sometimes the company brings some exciting features in the game so that people will find it interesting. Playing the same thing, again and again, will not entertain any person.


To sum up we can say that Satta King is widely popular. The striking part is that the game has retained its glory since the 19th century. People love to spend their time in the game. If you are convinced then you should try your luck to play the game. Let's see what is waiting for you .

Satta King Are you looking to earn quick money? Are you suffering from debt? If you are undergoing this type of situation then you are in the right place. Have you heard of Satta King? We are confident enough that you have listened to it. It is a game that can change your fortune at any time of the day. If you are not believing in our above-mentioned words then follow the article. In this article, we are going to describe how you are going to win a large sum of money. By following the article, you will gain much information about the game. What Are The Reasons For Playing Satta King?

There are various reasons for playing Satta King. This is not only a video game that will give you entertainment but also give you money. Follow the reasons for playing the game.

● The first and foremost reason is that if you are suffering from a monetary problem, then without any delay, visit the free website of Satta King Chart. We can ascertain that you will have an incredible understanding. Moreover, there is a high chance of winning the money. If you can win the Satta King title, then you will be a millionaire overnight.

● The game is entirely different from other gambling games. There is no trick to play. So, there is no chance of any cheating. You can play and see the score also. In other games, people often get biased. Here, nothing much will happen. You can play whenever you like.

● Another important reason is that there is no requirement for other players. You can easily start the game on your own. You don't have to wait for other players to join and play with you. Simply start the game and play.

● Another important reason is that the game is a source of entertainment for all of you. If you are feeling bored and want some sort of recreation then Satta King Fast. We are sure that your mood and mind will be refreshed. You can easily pass your time. For instance, if you are doing a boring journey then take out your phone and start to play the game.

● The most important thing is that the game can be played on any device. You can play on a laptop, tablet, desktop, mobile, etc. For instance, if your laptop is not working then you can visit the website from your mobile also. Start to play. Nobody will disturb you.

● Satta King is a popular game. If you advise your friends to play the game then sometimes the company gives some compensation. In this way also you can win some amount.

● Suppose you are suffering from a monetary problem or you have to pay your debts, then you can agree with the company. The company will pay your loan. If you wish then you can also take the cash.

● The game will continue for hours. It is not like that you also have to play for long hours. You can quit the game at any time of the day. You can also take the winning amount of yours after quitting.

● There are four types of Satta King games. The rules and regulations are somewhat different. But the agreement is the same. You can choose whichever game you like. If you wish then you can also play all the games. Who knows maybe you get the chance to win every game? Look at the Super Results and you will get to know everything. So, just play the game. Well, it is a gambling game. Naturally, we can't say whether it is safe to play or not. One thing we can recommend is that if you are wishing to earn money then you have to take the risk. SattaKing is the only game that will pay you instant money if you win. You can check your bank account.

Satta King Result
Satta King Chart
Satta Kings Result

Satta King August 2021 Chart

Date Dishawar Gali Ghaziabad Faridabad Taj Pesawar Shri Ganesh
2021-08-31 59 XX XX 05 XX XX Xx
2021-08-30 63 20 61 78 40 34 78
2021-08-29 28 39 17 59 24 19 33
2021-08-28 09 92 50 98 37 21 76
2021-08-27 84 12 82 29 74 72 61
2021-08-26 29 14 58 61 02 37 29
2021-08-25 63 49 92 53 26 05 50
2021-08-24 91 08 62 74 87 20 80
2021-08-23 37 53 52 59 79 43 12
2021-08-22 03 50 52 73 66 91 83
2021-08-21 60 78 03 08 81 52 56
2021-08-20 11 63 43 34 30 80 48
2021-08-19 30 32 92 18 49 71 29
2021-08-18 44 40 22 85 88 29 99
2021-08-17 95 80 23 23 69 66 08
2021-08-16 40 12 64 19 90 41 99
2021-08-15 18 91 33 34 90 24 20
2021-08-14 45 83 68 02 08 82 59
2021-08-13 44 52 23 50 40 04 03
2021-08-12 63 46 37 57 88 61 20
2021-08-11 61 15 61 80 27 78 02
2021-08-10 81 81 27 78 27 72 15
2021-08-09 44 68 05 47 59 59 67
2021-08-08 86 66 61 91 70 07 35
2021-08-07 21 29 85 32 29 48 78
2021-08-06 45 69 35 93 51 67 27
2021-08-05 02 87 95 95 02 29 71
2021-08-04 19 84 47 59 60 04 13
2021-08-03 39 91 48 68 29 XX XX
2021-08-02 14 82 58 09 85 XX XX
2021-08-01 XX 19 89 56 39 XX XX

Introduction to Satta King. A game that will change your destiny forever.

You have definitely heard about SattaKing many times. In India, this name is very famous. It is a lottery-based game that can change your destiny overnight. This game is based on numbers from 0 to 99 which comes under gambling. Satta Matka is the real name of this game where the word Satta means gambling and Matka means a pot from where the numbers are drawn out. People invest a lot of money in numbers. This game is being played for a long time now. Gambling is a hobby for many people. People tend to play this game in their free time. The name of the game was not satta king at the beginning, it was the title that was given to the people who used to win the game. The winners were generally called the Satta king of the game. Later people named it sattaking. This game is kind of an addiction to many people. It provides you with a way to earn a huge amount of money in a day. Just by playing a game and investing very little in the game people can earn a triple amount of money only after winning. In the whole country, it is played in huge quantities.

In other words, it is said that betting has hit the entire country very badly. In India, it is illegal to play gambling related games but people still choose to play this game by hiding from the administration or the police. The opportunity that these gamble games provides, is really surprising. Many people face some trust issues before playing this game, such as they think that is it secure to invest money in a game? Or even after winning will they get the money or not or do they feel scared of getting caught. No need to worry about such insecurities because this game has players who invest and play on a daily basis and many of them even win and get a huge amount of money back. Such players will always help you to get rid of your insecurities.

Even in spite of having strict regulations, people still choose to play this game online. You can get rich within a short span of time. If one wants to gain knowledge about this game then you should definitely go through this article. You will find all the rules and regulations for the game. There are no major differences between playing the game online and offline. In the growing technology generation, the internet has made this game more easy and flexible by providing you with all the easiest ways to earn money by sitting at your home. All you need is a good internet connection to avoid any kind of buffering in between the game and a smartphone or computer or desktop. You will find many websites that offers you to play the satta king game.

Guide about the Satta King Game

One can play this game sitting at any corner of the world and this is the best part about this game. There are no gender restrictions for this game. Adults, women, men, old people and even children can also play this game. Many teenagers choose to play this game to earn money. To get rid of boredom and loneliness people play this game. One does not require a partner to play this game. People can play solo also. There are no age limitations for this SattaKing game. One does not require any skills to play this game. This game is a good opportunity for People who have no talent and is getting depressed day by day thinking about ways to earn money. One can play this game in both online and offline ways. In the markets, we can still see people who sit together and play this game. This game helps to increase your socialization skills and also makes you confident about yourself. You can also get to know people from different backgrounds and castes by playing together.

Many experienced players play this game regularly. They have learned every possible way to play this game. They also help the new learners by guiding them about the game. To not get caught people tend to play this game online. Playing this game online will leave no traces of who your name is or from where you are playing this game.

To play this Satta king game one must keep a thorough knowledge about this game. They should know well about the numbers and how they are selected and how everything is being played. Several websites provide thorough knowledge about all the guidelines for the game. The satta king results are also displayed at the beginning of the website. You can also know the results of the game daily. Certain websites display monthly results.

Satta King July 2021 Chart

Date Dishawar Gali Ghaziabad Faridabad Taj Pesawar Shri Ganesh
2021-07-31 28 XX Xx XX XX Xx Xx
2021-07-30 77 89 03 86 19 Xx Xx
2021-07-29 88 06 27 32 49 Xx Xx
2021-07-28 40 01 25 99 85 Xx Xx
2021-07-27 35 49 84 48 87 Xx Xx
2021-07-26 82 31 02 01 16 Xx Xx
2021-07-25 35 06 16 20 83 Xx Xx
2021-07-24 56 64 77 88 19 Xx Xx
2021-07-23 19 29 01 22 03 Xx Xx
2021-07-22 56 23 82 17 06 XX XX
2021-07-21 76 49 76 66 41 XX XX
2021-07-20 37 61 49 83 73 XX XX
2021-07-19 74 01 12 41 40 XX XX
2021-07-18 47 59 01 29 46 XX XX
2021-07-17 81 43 40 16 Xx XX XX
2021-07-16 11 76 61 24 59 XX XX
2021-07-15 60 53 33 54 83 XX XX
2021-07-14 83 12 44 54 23 XX XX
2021-07-13 64 85 30 83 82 XX XX
2021-07-12 84 93 11 13 50 XX XX
2021-07-11 61 52 87 48 19 XX XX
2021-07-10 05 73 35 85 52 Xx XX
2021-07-09 57 34 78 13 41 XX XX
2021-07-08 91 45 91 59 08 XX XX
2021-07-07 05 95 03 94 43 XX XX
2021-07-06 58 21 11 94 08 XX XX
2021-07-05 75 77 18 93 02 XX XX
2021-07-04 27 89 90 05 42 XX XX
2021-07-03 13 35 75 86 02 XX XX
2021-07-02 08 60 08 08 17 XX XX
2021-07-01 XX 74 34 38 50 XX XX